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Supporting Referees, Supporting Humans



+ Includes Windsor Black Lanyard with Bead

Whistle Features

115 dB Power

Designed for noisy indoor settings, the Fox40 Classic features remarkable clarity and a sound profile ideally suited for basketball officials.

Self-Clearing Chambers

Crafted for optimal functionality, the chambers are engineered to automatically clear themselves during usage, preventing clogs or muffled whistles.

No Moving Parts

The meticulously engineered pea-less design features an absence of moving parts completely eliminates any potential risks of freezing, jamming, or deterioration.

Reliable Brand

Fox40 has been a leading whistle manufacturer for over 30 years and are the product of choice across the NBA, NHL, NCAA, NFL, Olympics, and more!


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Includes Windsor Black Lanyard with Bead


Cheapest price in Australia or we'll beat it!

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